Faq ii

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How do I control my character?

Left-click to select and move your character. Use keys 12345 to use skills and use WASD or the arrow keys for QTE (Quick Time Event) skills when in battle.

How do I speak with other players?

You may select different channels located at the bottom left-hand side of your screen in-game to chat through with other players.

How do I move to another territory?

Select the World Map (M) and select a different territory to move the location of your city to.

How can I level up quicker?

Wartune offers a variety of quests and single and multi-player dungeons, each offering large amounts of experience. 1.5x EXP and 2x EXP Packs may also be purchased in the Shop to allow quicker leveling.

I’m running low on gold. How can I earn gold quicker?

Upgrade your Town Hall, occupy goldmines, and complete quests and dungeons to obtain additional gold.

How do I restore my Hero’s health?

Use Health Potions to restore your Hero’s health. Health Potions may be purchased in the Shop or received by completing daily quests.

How can I become more powerful?

You may obtain large amounts of experience and significant equipment by completing quests and dungeons. You may also use the Astro system to improve your Hero’s attributes. Additionally, you may recruit new troops and enchant and socket your Hero’s equipment to improve your strength.