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Is nobody energizing your Tree of Ancients? Ask players for assistance in the world chat and add fellow players as your friends.

Lacking Daru? Once reaching level 28, solo the Duskin Arena. This dungeon holds two separate tombs, both offering great opportunities in obtaining Daru.

Completing Bounty Quests is the best way to earn extra experience. Find rare purple and orange quests and receive huge EXP rewards!

Resetting skill points is free up until you reach level 25.

You can only acquire level 5 or higher Gem Transposers from the Shop.

If your computer or network runs slowly, we strongly encourage players to disable as many in-game effects as possible to improve overall gameplay.

When attacking World Bosses, you will NOT lose any troops. In this case, attack the World Boss as much as possible. The more damage you inflict, the more gold you can earn!

Plundering is an important way to obtain both Kyanite and gold. Look to plunder cities under level 25 and/or players without a guild. On the contrary, if you feel vulnerable and seek support, try to find a guild to protect you and your city as soon as possible!

Arena opponents will be dependent on the total of your team’s Battle Rating.

Upgrading your Guild Skills as soon as possible will benefit you greatly in the future. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Don’t waste your time on green Astrals. Find a blue Astral and upgrade it to level 3 as soon as possible. Do not spend all your gold on Astrals if you are lower than level 30 or you may become penniless fast!

Upon entering the Hall of Heroes, you have five opportunities daily to participate in multi-player dungeons. Dungeon battle grades will depend on total time spent to complete the dungeon. The less time you spend completing the dungeon, the higher grade and experience you will receive.

Be wary of entering high level areas. It can be dangerous! 

Take a rest by using AFK mode when grinding.

Losing too many troops in battle? If you think you are powerful enough, try assigning only 1 troop. By assigning only one troop, it will use two enemy turns, providing you with an initial advantage in battle.