What you need to know about Multi-Player Dungeon Guide

Multi-Player dungeons is also know as MP dungeon. There is some common questions of  How to change party formation or How to assign a new leader

Here is some tips:

Once you entered a party or if you have created a party, first wait for all the team mates

When all team mates have entered, you need to assess their classes, defense, offence and their level. if you don’t assess them carefully, there is a chance one or two of your team mates might die. Example: You placed a Mage in the front row and put a knight on the back. Due to lack of defense, the mage may get killed. For those not caring about formation, just place those with higher Battle Rating in the front row

Knights have good defense and usually can block attacks, they are well suited for front row

Archers can take some punishment, they can be placed in the front or back

Mages have low physical defense but they have AoE skills and healing ability so they should be at the back

How to change party formation:

There is a [P] button on upper left corner while in party mode and already inside a dugeon. This opens up a range of options.

The "Adjust" button is for changing party formation. I recommend making a good formation before entry though

Click "Assign Leader" and that character's pic whom you want as the leader. Note: the player leading the party has a flag on his/her character's pic

Prior to entering any dungeons, you can view the item drops

  • It is important not to rush when doing MP dungeons, some players may experience lags or other issues. Not working as a team may cause player's death from entering battle alone