Forgotten catacombs

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Forgotten Catacombs

Fight your way through the Fprgotten Catacombs and Tormented Necropolis to recieve bundles of Experience, Gems and other items. You can also check out the Crypt shop fo new equipments.

Forgotten catacombs 2

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1. Challenges can be reset for free once a day . You can also use a crypt key to reset challenges. crypt keys cna be obtained from the shop and randomly from Mystery box found in multi-player dungens.

2.Players may quit any time once inside and continue where they left off, however your rage will reset.

3. The Tormented Necropolis will unlock

once reaching level 100 of the Forgotten

Forgotten catacombs shop

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       Note:  Use Crypt Tokens in the' Crypt shop to purchase powerful 'weapon ,armor, jewelry and other equipments