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What is Astral system?

Astral system unlocks at level 25. You can access the Astral capture screen at the bottom of the icons or by pressing the button H. To capture an astral you need a minimum of 20 000 gold.

How to capture Astral? Simply click on the planet to get the star draw. When you draw the from the star, you will capture the astral of different quality.Once in a while you will unlock chances to achieve stronger draws which is an another planet. Higher level star draws has chances of granting you stronger Astral. It should be noted that if you do not pick them up, they will be automatically sold after 30 minutes.

How to equip Astral?

Simply click "pick" for any astrals you wanted or "One-click collect" for all astrals. Then click the [Astrals] button on the lower right side to enter the astral equipping interface.  There you can equip your Astral. Extra slots open at level:30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80. You can equip a maximum of 8 astral at the moment.

How to level up Astral?

You can level up Astrals by synthesizing them. Different ranking and quality of Astrals have different leveling and EXP requirements and also give different amount of exp when being synthesized. You can use 1 click Synthesis to quickly combine all of the Astrals together and save time.Another way to synthesize is to drag and drop one Astral to another.

Notes: You can lock precious astrals to prevent them from being synthesized accidentally. Click the lock icon to pick it up then click on the astral you want. To unlock, repeat the same process.

Which does the color of astrals mean?

Each color represent the “power level” of your astral: Green <blue <purple <yellow <red. The Green colored being the weakest and the Red colored being the strongest. White astrals cannot be used for EXP so it's best to sell them.

How do i get a stronger Astral?

Getting an Astral is random, though the higher the star you are drawing from, the higher the chance to get a strong Astral.There are two main ways of getting better Astral: ( 1) Synthesize everything that you draw so you get a lot of Astral EXP.  ( 2) Sell Green, Synthesize Blue, and Keep the Purple, Yellow and Red. This method lets you have more draws because you can get gold from selling the green astrals.

What are Star points for?

Each time you draw an Astral you get star points. By clicking [Exchange] within the astral interface, you can buy astral with Star points. The cost of each astral is listed there.

Which astral do i chose?

This depends on your class and style of play, but the most basic of three astrals people uses are:  Mdef, Pdef and Matk or Patk

I left Astrals on my astro screen and later when I opened it again they were gone.What happened? If you leave your Astrals on astro screen, meaning you didnt pick them up, they are automatically sold after 30 minutes if your astral inventory is full.

What is the maximum level for an Astral? The maximum level is 10.

I got an Astral that say floating damage increased by certain %…what does that mean? The actual damage you do is centered on 90% to 110% of your max attack power.The Astrals that affect the floating damage expands those limits. For example, a floating damage expand of 20% will make it 70%~130%. Because of this, Enhanced Ruthnessless is useless at lower level. This means that over many battle turns, this astral will help you exactly…nothing. However, this astral has a powerful affect if you are a critical damage player plus critical enhancement. Let’s simplify the battle scenario:  Let’s say if by average you can kill an opponent in 4 attacks – regardless of the skills used. On average without the damage expand it will take you 3~5 attacks. However, with the damage expand, you can widen the number of rounds to 2~6 attacks. How does this help? If you are lucky, you can quickly wipe out the enemy forces and have a higher chance of winning. This means faster kills.

Another way to look at this astral. If you can kill an enemy in 2 rounds instead of 4 rounds, you double your killing speed. However, if you get unlucky and kill in 6 rounds, you only lose 50% of the battling time. Overall, when this astral is mastered at high level with the yellow astral. It can be a formidable tool that can 1 shot kill some of your opponents.

Astro System Guide by R2CS_Amanda

What is Wartune’s Astro System?

In addition to your skills and stats, Wartune features an innovative Astro System where your character can collect and synthesize stars in thousands of different combinations to give your character the unique edge it deserves. We can’t tell you everything just yet, but here is some tips:

  • Each astral has its own special quality and attribute; no two are alike!
  • There are several qualities and levels of astrals
  • YOU can combine your astrals in whatever way YOU want! Your astral combinations are completely unique to YOUR character!