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The Academy is used to learn and upgrade technologies which is needed to increase your overall strength. The level of your academy's techs affects the amounts of Kyanite required for upgrading them. Kyanite can be obtained from plundering surrounding cities, completing dungeons and farming.

Academy Guide

Wartune Academy and Kyranites Guide by WarriorsAsh

The Academy is used to learn and upgrade technologies, which can increase your overall strength. The level of your Academy affects how many technologies you can learn. Kyanite is required for upgrading technologies, which can be obtained from plundering surrounding cities in the wilds, completing dungeons(Campaign), and farming them in your field


This rare crystal is a lot harder to obtain than Wartune Gold.

Ways to get Kyanite:  Plundering other player's city, the amount you can get depends on your prey's level. Try to plunder players close to your current level for more Kyanite

You may also plant Kyranite seed in your farm to yield some Kyanite or harvest your Tree of Ancient when it is fully energized.

Do quests that rewards Kyranite, which include: • Plundering • Guild Blessing Quest • Completing Multiplayer Dungeon. Clear Campaign [Random Treasure Drops]

The good thing is that upgrading academy is fairly cheap with Gold, below is a list of Technologies that can be unlocked at certain level

Level 1: Gold Production    •Level 2: Hero HP    •Level 3: Troop HP    •Level 4: Hero PATK

Level 5Troop PATK   Level 6: Hero MATK   Level 7: Troop MATK   Level 8: Hero PDEF

Level 9: Troop PDEF   Level 10: Hero MDEF   Level 11: Troop MDEF   Level 12: Troop Count

'Each Techs' effect per level':

Gold Production +60 Gold per Hour   Hero HP + 20 HP   Hero PATK +12 PATK

Troop PATK +6 PATK   Hero MATK +12 MATK   Troop MATK +6 MATK   Hero PDEF +8 PDEF Troop PDEF +4 PDEF   Hero MDEF +8 MDEF   Troop MDEF +4 MDEF   Troop Count +4 Troops

Wartune Research Cost and Cooldown : The formula to figure out the cost of research is as followed: (Level x (Level – 1) x 5 + 50). So the cost goes up almost exponentially as you research higher level techs. The research cooldown for Wartune Academy is as followed: The cooldown increases by 30 seconds a level for levels 1-10, by 5 minutes a level for levels 11-15, and by 10 minutes a level for levels 16+. At higher levels, it is essential to start research and count in the time.